Advanced Dental Services Ringwood

Zest Dental offers advanced dental services in Ringwood. Our dental health services is centered in a family orientated practice, with a focus on preventative and minimal intervention.

We treat patients from all age groups, from toddlers, adolescents, adults to geriatric.

We carry out various dental health and dental specialty services including regular dental check ups, scale and clean teeth, restorations and extraction of teeth.

Our other services include root canal treatment, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, implants and wisdom teeth removal.

The surgery utilises the most up to date equipment and technologies, including digital Xray, OPG and Intraoral Cameras. We follow the dental board’s strict guidelines for infection control, providing you with maximum protection.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatment involves removing the pulp (called the nerve) from within the tooth and then sealing the cavity. The pulp lies in the tooth centre within a thin canal extending from the crown of the tooth through to the tip of the root.

Root canal treatment may be required when the tooth becomes painful, tender to bite on, is particularly sensitive to heat and cold, or may have an obvious large cavity, which extends into the nerve of the tooth, or suddenly becomes dark in colour. Sometimes the pulp of the tooth will die without causing any noticeable pain.