One Visit Crown Ringwood

Zest Dental offers professional One Visit Crown procedure in Ringwood? We offer dental crown services and more. Talk to us to know more about this procedure and how much it will cost.

The One Visit Crown is a revolutionary new procedure that’s minimally invasive, time efficient, and will have you walking out with a finished crown in only a single appointment.

Getting a traditional crown can be a lengthy and costly process. There are multiple appointments required and a lengthy wait time while your crown is pre-fabricated in a lab and sent to your dentist, on top of that you’ll need a temporary crown put in between appointments while you wait for your crown to be ready. The long and complex process, as well as the multiple appointments can mean getting even a single tooth crown can turn into an expensive prospect.

Zest Dental’s One Visit Crown procedure in Ringwood uses a clever system of partially pre-prepared hybrid ceramic material that is placed onto the tooth and shaped to fit right in your mouth. There’s no need to spend time taking moulds, or waiting around for your crown to be built in a lab and sent back to your dentist, it’s all done on the spot. The procedure is relatively simple and minimally invasive, take a look at the animation below to find out more about how it’s done:

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