Wisdom Teeth Removal Ringwood

Wisdom Teeth Removal Ringwood

For secure and expert wisdom teeth removal in Ringwood, trust only Zest Dental. Talk to our team to know more about our wisdon teeth removal procedure.

Your wisdom teeth will usually appear towards the end of adolescence and into early adulthood, when you are around 18 to 24 years old. It is a common occurrence for them to be out of position when they erupt because there is no space for them to do so. Even when there is available space, it is highly irregular for wisdom teeth to be in their correct position.

Wisdom teeth do not have space when they erupt because:

  • Teeth do not have enough wear because of our soft diets,
  • With our other teeth already in their proper position, only a few to even none of them are extracted, and
  • Our lower jaw has not fully developed to make room for wisdom teeth.

Do You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

The need for wisdom teeth removal will depend on its position relative to your other teeth and the potential for them causing any problems in the future. As with a vast majority of people, if your wisdom teeth are impacted because of the lack of space, they will need to be removed.

Your dental surgeon will explain what is involved with the procedure like the actions to be taken, costs involved, type of anaesthetic to be utilised, and the like. The option is there for you to be asleep during the procedure by way of a general anaesthetic. You may also choose a local anaesthetic if you want to minimise the cost of a hospital visit or the anaesthetist’s fee.


Everything will be explained thoroughly so you can make an informed decision about what would suit you best.

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